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Since 2016, I have organized the Feminist Comic Book Club of San Diego (In SD? Come join us!), a creative workshop and discussion group. Below are just a few of the works I have produced with the group as either artist and writer or in collaboration.


  The first few pages of a pitch collaboration with artist Carolyn Tom, Pistola follows Aggie Beaumont as she carries the world's only pistol through a desert wasteland of thugs just itching to cash in on her bounty or take the deadly firearm for themselves.



  In a collaboration with artist Ian Hurst, this short comic follows a pair of vagrants, one of whom claims to be from the future.

-The Master-

  An early exercise from our workshop, this no-dialogue comic tells the story of a master swordsman and the hard-working students that run his estate.


-Murder Jones, Violent Detective-

 My 2018 entry: In this supernatural horror comic we meet Gladys "Murder" Jones as she takes on a new partner in her quest to rid her retirement community of the eldritch horrors lurking in the shadows.

-Mr. Monster-

  This short collaboration with artist Jess Reilly of Zonks Illustration sends a young girl into the forest to deliver an important message.

24 Hour Comic Challenge

In 1990, Scott McCloud created the 24 Hour Comic Challenge in which artists attempt to write, pencil, ink, letter 24 pages in 24 hours. You can read about it here. Below are my valiant, if incomplete, efforts. Enjoy!


-Your Special Day-

  When working girl Carolina is asked out on a date, she beams on her way home, but can she outrun the aggressive wedding vendors whipped into a frenzy by the budding romance?

-First In Morale-

  In our second collaboration, artist Ian Hurst illustrates the story of a proud General as we learn why soldiers travel far and wide to join the ranks of the renowned leader of men, General Thaddeus Hillstorm.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

-It Came From Hugo Pines!-

Since COVID distancing began, I started this pulp-inspired webcomic about suburban life on the back of a distant comet. Follow along here as I post every Mon/Wed/Friday.

Follow us @hugo_pines_comic


Coming Soon

-The Roots of Dysfunction-

  In my 2019 entry I tried something a bit more personal, attempting a journal comic about my estrangement from my parents. This year's challenge was taxing but cathartic, satisfying... and only a dozen pages. Huzzah!


Comic Scripts

-The Red Heresy-

  Follow Ekuja, a young Lizardman of the Red Scale tribe. When savage humans attack their peninsula, the Red Scale accept aid from an unlikely ally. Can the Red Scale restore peace or has warfare set their civilization on a darker path? Read the issue #1 script of the spec fantasy comic.

-Nessie Frump, Galactic Local 918-

  In all the galaxy, criminals and cutthroats fear only one name, the moniker of The Hunters Guild's top-ranked operative, the affable, efficient, insufferable Nessie Frump. So what happens when Nessie finds her own name atop the Galaxy's Most Wanted List? Find out in the script for Issue #1.


Coming Soon

Coming soon!

-Falling In-

  Unexpectedly sent to a military high school, young Matt Harris will learn the hard way that everyone loves a rebel, but some outcasts have more to lose than others. A story of institution, masculinity, and unlikely friendship.

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