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Teaching Experience

University of California, San Diego
- Instructional Assistant and Tutor
January 2019 - present

I currently teach the Freshman Writing Courses for the Warren College Writing Program. I lead class discussion, lecture on rhetorical strategies and formatting, and grade student projects. 

The Feminist Comic Book Club of San Diego
- Organizer
2016 - present

I run a weekly creative workshop for artists and writers to learn more about creating comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, manga, and traditional cartooning. As part of the creative workshop, I teach story structure, layout, script formatting and other topics as they arise and I maintain a running list of recommended texts and resources.

Work Experience

Maker Studios / Disney Digital Network
- Freelance Writer and Editor
2014 - 2019

I wrote over 400 scripts for online content, comedic news copy, gameshows, comedy sketches, animation, live-show material and original pilots.

The Upper Deck Company
- Entertainment Project Coordinator

I proofread, edited and rewrote thousands of trading cards, packaging, rulebooks, and legal lines while building products for 20th Century Fox, Marvel, Disney and Miramax.

Pee-wee's Big Holiday / Syosset Productions
- Assistant to Paul Reubens

A jack-of-all-trades personal assistant position through pre-production and production of the Netflix original film, "Pee-wee's Big Holiday".

Fox / Futurama
- Producer's Assistant
2010 - 2012

I worked in the writers office of one of the best shows ever made. David X Cohen and the writing staff remain some of my favorite bosses and coworkers.

Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland Show
- Assistant to Seth MacFarlane

We used to copy storyboards twice, giving one to Seth for homework. When he ultimately "forgot" his storyboards at the office, we'd tell him about the copy I'd hidden under his driver's seat.

Also: we had a killer softball team.

The Ellen Degeneres Show / Telepictures
- Production Assistant

A catch-all assistant job. Some days I helped out Props, others I was running errands, but most often we read Ellen's fan email and organized giveaway prizes for manic audience members.

Last Call with Carson Daly
- Production Intern

I cleaned dressing rooms and checked in guests, all for the joy of working on the NBC Burbank Lot.

A nice introduction to entertainment. I still believe that unpaid internships should be illegal.



Ithaca College
Television/Radio Major, Psychology Minor
Ithaca, NY 2003-2007

I really dove into the TV station here, working on any show that would have me: News, late-night, game shows, reality shows, improv shows, even ICTV's first animated show. I paid my bills with jobs as a Master Control Operator and Studio Engineer and I ate all the pizza.

Wild Willow Farms
Regenerative Agriculture Farming 101 & 102

Turns out I care about the environment and also love gardening. Added bonus: delicious homegrown fruits and veg. We learned how to build healthy soil, compost properly, control pests, and identify plant families. Good people doing great things.

Upright Citizens Brigade Theater
Sketch Writing and Improvisation

Early in my entertainment career I enrolled in classes at the UCB theater in Hollywood thinking it was a rite of passage. A great theater and fun times. Oh, to revisit the days of foolish overconfidence.

Moravian Academy High School
Bethlehem, PA

I grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania where Billy Joel once had a famously depressing visit.

Valley Forge Military Academy
Wayne, PA

When I asked why the school did not offer Poetry, my guidance counselor reminded me with a straight-face that Valley Forge was an all-male institution. I transferred at my earliest opportunity.



The San Diego Reader

San Diego, CA


The San Diego Reader included The Feminist Comic Book Club in their feature article on local book clubs including an interview with myself and a few other members. Written by the great Tam Hoang. Photos by Matthew Suarez. Check us out here!



Santa Monica, CA

2016 is an open pitch platform in which advertisers post briefs for branding campaigns and commercials and creative professionals create concepts, scripts, and pitches to compete for funding from the advertiser. I have won several of these contests among thousands of submissions for companies like Hasbro, Lego, Wearsafe, and Play-Doh. In addition, Tongal rates their creatives based on their portfolio of submissions and I have achieved a perfect script rating of 4.0/4.0.

Primetime Emmy Award

Contributions to Outstanding Animated Program

2011 "Futurama"

  "Good News, Everyone!" In 2011, Futurama achieved a fraction of the acclaim it deserves when it took home the award for "Outstanding Animated Program". I was thrilled to have worked on such a great program and received recognition from the academy for even my behind-the-scenes contributions.

  • Adult CPR Certification

  • PC and Mac savvy

  • Microsoft Office

  • Google Drive

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Final Draft

  • Toon Boom Animate Pro

  • Prequalified for Several Major Credit Cards

  • Spanish - Elementary

  • Japanese - Hiragana, Katakana, and early vocabulary

  • HTML

Student Feedback

(courtesy of UCSD Academic Affairs)
Winter 2019
10A Winter 2019 Comments.tiff
Spring 2019
10B Spring 2019 Comments.tiff
Fall 2019
10A Fall 2019 Comments.tiff
Winter 2020

Student Feedback (cont'd)

(courtesy of UCSD Academic Affairs)
Fall 2020

Student Feedback (cont'd)

(courtesy of UCSD Academic Affairs)
Winter 2021

Student Feedback (cont'd)

(courtesy of UCSD Academic Affairs)
Spring 2021
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