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And now for something completely sustainable.

Since we bought our house last October, I've been on a bit of a gardening binge. Granted, I've been denied outdoor space the past decade since the apartments we afforded rarely included more than a few walls, possibly a ceiling. And since this is a website to help you get to know me better, I hope you enjoy a few pixels of my handiwork.

For starters, let's take a look at the "yard".

Our yard, mid-September 2019

Really more of a patio, but it's my goal to cover a good portion of this with native plants, vegetables, fruits trees and vines, etc.

For context, when we started this garden, this was our canvas:

The previous owners used this space as, for lack of a better word, a pile. The HOA even painted around their pile leaving a nice bit of fence unpainted.

Well, stay tuned as I update this blog with our progress, some of our blunders and triumphs and maybe a closer look at some DIY as I build and grow to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

To be continued!

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